Titans DB’s Take to Social Media to Express Frustration

“The internet is forever.” It’s a phrase often spoken to teenagers with social media accounts to remind them to be wise with what they post. When you lose to your division rival in a game with major playoff implications, it’s not abnormal to be sad, regretful, or even angry. Following the Titans’ 24-17 loss against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, defensive-backs Valentino Blake and Perrish Cox decided to share those feelings with the world.

Cox, who struggled all day to lock down speedster T.Y. Hilton, was criticized by a fan on Instagram for his poor play. For whatever reason, he thought it would be a good idea to respond by posting this comment:

There are a few issues with this post. First, Cox makes no coherent sense. He essentially criticized the fan for watching the game from his house instead of putting on some cleats and joining the Titans on the field. News flash: you don’t have to know the defensive play calls to understand when a corner does a poor job in man coverage. I’ve been praising Cox for his good play as of late, especially against the Packers when he intercepted Aaron Rodgers and broke up a pass in the end-zone on a third down, but today he simply did not get the job done. T.Y. Hilton ran wild against the Titans, and Cox in particular, for the second time this year, finishing the game with five catches for 97 yards and a touchdown.

Next, the post mentions an injury. Cox hasn’t been officially listed on the Titans’ injury report in over a month, but claims in this post that on Sunday he “played [his] heart out injured.” Cox did mention to reporters after the game that he has recently suffered from an injury to his fingers, but using injuries as an excuse for poor performance is never a good direction to go. If you’re really too banged up to perform at an adequate level, you don’t even suit up. Considering the injury wasn’t serious enough to add to the injury report, I doubt it was serious enough to make a tremendous difference on the field.

Finally, the post just wasn’t well thought out. My personal favorite part is the typo where he refers to himself as “the me.”

As if Cox’s post to Instagram wasn’t bad enough, fellow DB Valentino Blake expressed himself, too, in under 140 characters.

I agree with Blake that armchair coaches can be annoying, especially those who criticize things that they simply have no idea about. However, whoever prompted this Tweet was speaking correctly.

In the second half, Pat McAfee of the Colts punted the football. It bounced at around the five and sprung up in to the air, coming back down at the two yard line. Blake, instead of seeing if the ball might bounce into the end-zone for a touchback, treated it almost as if he thought it were a live ball and caught it at the two. Blake has been one of the Titans’ mainstays on punts this year, often playing the role of a gunner. He wasn’t a gunner on this play.

Former Pro Bowl return man Marc Mariani was deep to catch the punt, not Blake. Though I admit I have no clue what coverage was called on this specific return, I sincerely doubt anyone told Blake that it was his job to go get the ball.

Unlike Cox’s Instagram post that showed an inability to control his emotions, Blake’s Tweet makes him look ridiculous. This is the same player who appeared on ESPN’s “C’Mon Man!” segment last week for pointing in the wrong direction when the Titans were trying to recover a Packers muffed punt.

Losing is frustrating, especially for a team that seems so close to turning the corner and becoming a contender, but making yourself look foolish on the internet is no way to handle that frustration. The Titans will look to rebound next week in Chicago against the 2-8 Bears.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Titans were trying to run some sort of trick play on the punt that Blake fielded. However, the play should have been called off due to the circumstances, per Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.

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