Who Should Be the Cowboys Second String Quarterback, Weeden or Orton?


This off-season the Dallas Cowboys went out and got the 30 year old out of Oklahoma State University, Brandon Weeden. They also have Kyle Orton on their roster, who had a had a heart breaking loss against the Eagles in Week 17. I think that Brandon Weeden will be the right way to go at the second string spot, because he is younger and could be in it for the long run, and well, the Cowboys went out and got another Quarterback, himself, for a reason.

Don’t get me wrong, Kyle Orton is not a horrible quarterback, but he’s also not an outstanding quarterback. If the Cowboys did go with Orton, it would not be a bad idea because he is experienced and he already know the Cowboys system. On the other hand, with Weeden at the second string, it would not be bad because if Tony Romo were to go down with injury, Weeden could step in and I think would do pretty decent, because when he was on the Cleveland Browns, he was the starter, and while he didn’t play great, he also wasn’t despicable, and played with a bad crop of players around him.

I know that Kyle Orton was a starter on the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs, but like I said earlier, the Cowboys should go with the younger legs in Brandon Weeden.

Also the fans hate Kyle Orton because of the loss in Week 17 against the Eagles. The Cowboys could have had at least a chance of making the playoffs if they would have won, and he choked just like Romo usually does, which turns some fans away from him.  Taking everything into consideration, Brandon Weeden should get the second string job for the Dallas Cowboys.

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I am a huge sports fan but mainly a fan of Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. I love the Dallas Cowboys and the Florida Panthers. Enjoy writing about all types of sports and am looking forward to what this site leads me to in life.

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