Saints week in review: Interview with WR, Brandon Coleman


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Deuce Windham

NFC  South Staff Writer

The past week has been an exciting one for fans across the NFL. One factor that always seems to slips our minds is how excited the young guys entering the league are. Brandon Coleman, who has gotten a lot of attention both here at TSR and abroad in Saints news sources, is one of those players. Coleman was originally rated as a 3rd to 4th round talent who saw his stock fall with concerns about past knee injuries. We won’t go too much into Coleman’s actual playstyle and abilities in this article, that was covered earlier this week by Justin Clifton, our resident Saints’ analyst here at TSR. If you would like to see some film breakdowns of Brandon’s college film, head over here.

This past week, I had the opportunity to talk to Brandon Coleman and ask him a few questions about joining the Saints, how he is feeling and what it has been like to make it to the NFL. The interview was discussed last night on Who Dat Confessional (Click here to listen/download last night’s episode) and I promised everyone a hard copy they could read for themselves. I encourage everyone, if you haven’t been able to tune into WDC the past couple of weeks make sure you listen and call-in for the next episode on Monday. 7pm-9pm CST every Monday night! A big thank you goes out to Brandon for taking time out of his week (which was spent training with the Saints) to talk with us. This is a young player Saints fans can’t stop talking about, and for good reason.

Deuce: First, thank you for taking the time to take part in this interview Brandon. Secondly, I’m not sure how much you keep up with social media, but Who Dat Nation is extremely excited about your signing as an UDFA. What have the fan reactions, that you’ve seen, to your signing been like?
Brandon: I haven’t had a chance to get fans reactions partially because I’m not on social media yet, but will be back on it soon.

Deuce: The biggest concern teams had was with your knee. How do you feel? Are you 100%? Are you stronger now than you were before?
Brandon: I feel 100% and I am stronger than I was before (the injury).

Deuce: One of the biggest tools of any wide receiver is their knowledge of the route tree. How complete would you say yours is? Are there any routes specifically you need to work on/learn?
Brandon: I have an overall solid understanding of the (NFL) route tree. I need to work on my transitions in and out of the top of a few routes.

Deuce: How good do you feel you are against press man coverage? Teams the Saints have struggled with (like the Seahawks) implement this in their defensive schemes. How do you match up?
Brandon: I feel I have a physical advantage against press coverage.

Deuce: Some fans are already calling you the future replacement for Marques Colston. Hows that make you feel?
Brandon: Those are big shoes to fill, not only is he a great player on the field with his production but he is even a better person. I’m up for the challenge (of living up to his name).

Deuce: What will it be like to catch passes from a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback like Drew Brees?
Brandon: It will be awhile before I get reps with the ones, but it will be an experience that I will have forever.

Deuce: Right now, the Saints have an abundance of WRs, what do you have that will set you apart?
Brandon: The current group is very versatile and dynamic. I have to use my God given abilities to my advantage and be confident in my abilities that I can help this group and team.

Deuce: What made you choose the Saints to sign with as an UDFA? Was it the quality of the team and their Superbowl chances?
Brandon: The Saints are definitely a first class organization and I took a visit down here before the draft as well. They have a high rate of signing UDFAs and them actually making an impact. The playbook is very similar to what I have been accustomed to in college.

Deuce: You have the big body style to be the Saints’ future “X” receiver. Do you like playing on the line, even though it is more physical than other WR positions?
Brandon: I’m comfortable lining up anywhere on the field.

Deuce: Last question, thank you again for giving me this time. What has been the most exciting part of the pre-draft/post-draft process?
Brandon: Actually just getting an opportunity to continue playing at the highest level. Im thankful for the Saints organization for providing that for me. Its up to me now to make the most out of it.

Some of the initial impressions Brandon left me with were that not only is he playing with a  chip on his shoulder, but he is still a very humble football player. Several of his responses stood out to me during our conversation. I liked his confidence in himself when he said he feels he actually has the advantage over DBs in press coverage, and as a Saints fan how can I not approve of the respect he shows one of the greatest Saints in our history in Marques Colston. Brandon seems very team oriented, and while he is extremely confident in his own abilities he also shows the proper respect to the game and his peers.

This week Brandon took part in the Saints rookie minicamp/3 day tryout and I feel he did fairly well. Sean Payton seemed to echo this sentiment saying, “He is a big target,” Payton said. “He has been very productive and there are just some little things that we are working on with him just in regards with his transition, but he has picked things up well.” The road is still long for Brandon and his chances of making a NFL roster, but if he stays determined and continues to impress the Saints coaching staff, the sky could be the limit for this young stud from Rutgers.

Thanks for reading everyone. As always, feel free to leave your comments, critiques and all around banter! God bless!

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Deuce Windham is a Christian minister as well as an avid sports fan. He has been covering the New Orleans Saints for a little less than a year. Deuce has been cited by newspapers such as the Times Picayune of New Orleans and is devoted to educating and informing fans on the intricacies of NFL football.

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