Is Russell Wilson Vs Colin Kapernick The New Peyton Vs Brady Rivary.


One of the best rivalries in all sports has to be Peyton Manning Vs Tom Brady. For years we seen these two future hall of famers battle it out in the postseason to have the right to move on. They been battling against each other for over a decade and have given the NFL some of the best memories of all time. However both of them only have a few years left in them before they retire, but Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick have shown NFL fans that even though one rivalry is dying a new one is beginning.

For the last two years the Seahawks and 49ers have been considered to be the best two teams in not only their division but the NFL. Both teams have great defenses a solid running game and good young quaterbacks. Both Russell and Kaepernick have played in a Super Bowl, Russell is 1-0 Kaepernick is 0-1. Both guys have shown these last two seasons that they are dedicated to winning and are willing to put their body on the line to help their team win. The NFL might never have a rivalry as good as Manning vs.¬†Brady, but Wilson vs. Kaepernick just might be able to fill it’s spot on one of the best rivalries in sports.

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