How Many More Super Bowls Can Tom Brady Win


When you think of some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time Tom Brady has to be on that list. He played in five super bowls, won three and is looking for number four. The Patriots were one win away from reaching the super bowl last season despite having a roster full of injuries. Just like every season the Patriots are coming into the season as one of the favorites to win the Lombardi trophy.

This season the Patriots are coming into the season with one of their best defenses ever under Tom Brady career. Brady didn’t have the best season last year stats wise however he was playing with a lot of second string/third strings players last season due to injury. Tom Brady is only 36 years old, his current doesn’t end till after the 2015 season. If Brady gets more help on offense this year then look for the Patriots to be back in the super bowl.
How many more Super Bowls can he win? 1-2…

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