Houston Would be a Great Landing Spot for Josh Freeman

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans walked away from the 2014 NFL Draft with their Quarterback issues still intact.  They lost Matt Schaub in the off-season, and they gained Ryan Fitzpatrick, but even with this move, the need for a Quarterback is still very much present.

This however, will not be addressed, unless the Texans decide to go out and trade for the ‘In-NFL’ prospects, such as Ryan Mallett or Kirk Cousins.  Since it’s becoming more and more unlikely that the Texans will actually do that, they are basically playing the game of, who is the best of the worst.

They currently have Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, and TJ Yates, who will get consideration, and then Tom Savage, who is the prospect, clipboard holder of the group.  When a player who enters free agency is on par skill wise with these prospects, and could possibly be better than them, the Texans would be missing an opportunity if they didn’t give the guy a look.

They are at the stage where most free agents could be brought in at a very low price, could compete to the point of potentially winning a starting job, or potentially playing so bad they could be cut again, and literally, it wouldn’t effect the team.

Josh Freeman was cut by the New York Giants.  Freeman was awful last season in his stint as the starter in Tampa Bay, and was even more atrocious in his one game stint in Minnesota.  But, the Texans may be able to use him, if they can get the production we saw from Freeman in the years prior to 2013.

As I mentioned earlier, the Texans have no real talent at Quarterback, and the job could be up for grabs for Freeman.  Freeman wasn’t great in his seasons prior to 2013, but he was formidable, and it could be argued that he was more formidable than Ryan Fitzpatrick has been.

In 2011 and 2012 combined, Freeman threw for 7,657 yards, with a completion percentage at about 59%. The most worrisome stat involving freeman is his TD-INT ratio, which was 43-39 in that sample size.  The thing is, current starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick has had the same issue, with double digit interception numbers in each of his last 5 seasons.

The bottom line is this:  If you had Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh Freeman at Quarterback, you’re probably going to turn the ball over quite a lot.  The question is, who is more adequate at being effective when the ball is not being turned over.

In Bill O’ Brien’s play action system, I think the answer is Josh Freeman. Josh Freeman is better at taking the ball under center, and playing effectively in a system other than that of the spread.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has been good when he can line up in shotgun and throw in the spread style system, which is helpful to all Quarterbacks.

Josh Freeman didn’t have that luxury for the entire time in Tampa Bay.  Also, while the argument could be made that Fitzpatrick is better at throwing outside receivers open, Josh Freeman is definitely better at throwing to targets in the middle of the field, especially the Tight end.

In Bill O’ Brien’s system, the Tight end will be a primary target, especially coming out of play action.  Also, while Freeman isn’t great at throwing outside receivers open, due to the talent of Houston’s outside receivers, DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson, Freeman wouldn’t have to throw them open as much, because they will already do a good job of getting open themselves, and moving away from coverage.

Josh Freeman would be a great signing for the Texans.  He’s low risk, high reward.  There’s no risk to bring this guy in, because as fast as you sign him, you can cut him back off the roster.  They could bring him in, give him a chance and see what he can do in Bill O’ Brien’s system.  If he performs admirably, then they keep him and have a Quarterback battle involving him, and if not, they send him packing.

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    When looking at Manager of the Year, you almost have to split the managers into groups in the same way you look at the real league table.
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    Of the managers in the second group, Garry Monk and Mark Hughes have done well as Swansea and Stoke have both recorded record number of points for them in the Premier League. You can’t turn your nose up at that.
    Then you would have another six teams that are around mid table and maybe looking at the Europa League followed by the teams towards the bottom of the table.
    Then, from the bottom half, I think you have a few candidates who deserve a bit of praise too.
    Mourinho has done it without winning a Manager of the Month award along the way.
    Many managers can be pleased with their work this season but there can only be one Manager of the Year and that is Jose Mourinho.
    But that situation is just an anomaly and he wouldn’t worry about not winning one of those awards. He has got the league title for Chelsea and will probably be Manager of the Year.
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    Chelsea’s players celebrate their title win:
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    Add one more injury to the growing list of ailments that have recently plagued the leading pass catcher in Patriots franchise history. Welker suffered another concussion during the preseason, and would have missed time even if he didn’t serve a two game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Coming into Sunday’s game, he only had 19 catches over his first five games, and had turned into a forgotten factor in the Broncos’ high flying attack. His latest injury likely puts his services in doubt for Sunday’s game in Oakland. Like Denver will need him against the 0 8 Raiders anyway.
    It’s also what the Broncos receiver can no longer do.
    On the other side of the ball on Sunday, Welker watched as Julian Edelman changed the dynamic of the game, returning a punt 84 yards for a touchdown, and adding nine catches for 89 yards and a touchdown. It is, of course, what Welker used to do in New England.
    Maybe it’s time to make that a permanent decision.
    “That’s Wes’ decision,” Brady said Monday morning on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan. “What makes Wes so great is that he’s got the most mental toughness. And nobody works harder than him. Whatever he decides, what his personal decisions are I cheer for him every week.
    Perhaps Welker should be left wondering how much more wrong it can get.
    Welker had only 31 yards receiving on three catches before leaving Sunday’s game midway through the third quarter. He did not return.
    “He’s one of my best friends, outside of when we play him. I hate to see him go out of the game. He’s meant so much to our team and so much to me as a friendship and as a person that I always root for the best for him. I hope he’s doing OK.”
    Four seconds after Browner brought the ball back to the 10 yard line, Tom Brady found Brandon LaFell in the end zone, and, just like that, the Patriots led the Broncos, 37 14.
    But now? There’s no depending on Welker to return, nor should there be any semblance of assuming his safety. That’s a decision Welker needs to make on his own. If he doesn’t, maybe it’s one that John Fox and John Elway ultimately need to step in and suggest.
    He’s in the final year of a two year contract with the Broncos, with whom he signed last year after jumping ship from Patriot Place. The likelihood is that Denver won’t be chasing Welker to welcome him back for 2015. Odds are no other team will pursue a receiver who will be 34 come training camp next summer, especially one with a recent history of concussions and other ailments.
    If he were to walk away, he’d do so with borderline Hall of Fame credentials, 100 catch seasons in five of his six seasons in New England. He was a five time Pro Bowler and two time first team All Pro. A beacon of dependability, Welker hardly missed time with the Patriots, save for when he blew out his ACL at the tail end of the 2010 campaign on the Houston turf, or excuse for it thereof.
    Maybe it’s time to get out before the hit everybody fears finally comes to the 5 foot 9 receiver.
    Instead, there was Patriots safety Devin McCourty coming in on the backside, delivering a (legal) blow from the side of his helmet to Welker’s back, crumpling his former teammate to the turf at Gillette Stadium, and leaving the work of ball procurement to New England cornerback Brandon Browner.
    Seven regular season games remain for the Denver Broncos. Manning doesn’t need him, not like Brady depended on him over the course of their six years together in New England. Should Welker indeed take his limited use and this latest setback as a clue?
    The ball had already taken flight from what was only a momentary perch in Wes Welker’s hands. There was the Broncos wide receiver, at the Denver 40 yard line, relegated to looking upwards in desperation to find its path, twisting in its direction with the slight hope that he could retrieve another ball that somehow had managed to slip out of his once dependable grasp.
    The fact that he could be one hit away from somebody else ending it for him has to be a frightening proposition for Welker. He still has a chance to decide his own terms.
    “It was just kind of bang bang I guess,” Welker said about the play that led to Browner’s interception. “It’s always frustrating either way. We just have to regroup and get back to work.”
    That’s two games in a row at Gillette that Welker has helped cost the Broncos, and while Sunday’s gaffe was nothing close to the muffed punt return last November, the parallel is easy to draw.
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    锘緼 new batch of Mega Man Universe screens emerge from TGS
    Capcom claims that imagination is the name of the game in this latest installment of the Mega Man franchise. Kenji Inafune, Head of Research and Development Management for Capcom Entertainment says, “This game will break the mold and challenge the conventional wisdom of what a Mega Man game can be. When fans finally get to see it, I believe they’ll envision their most far out Mega Man dreams coming true.”
    In addition to simply showing off the new side scrolling Mega Man adventure, the screens also take a look into the robust customization features of Mega Man Universe that will allow gamers to create their own custom characters as well as maps to play them in.
    During Tokyo Game Show Capcom unveiled a slew of new screenshots for their upcoming title, Mega Man Universe, that will be out soon as a fully downloadable game on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.
    Stage Creation: After building their own Mega Man, fans will have the opportunity to create custom maps to play in. These “player designed” levels can even be shared with friends to show off the side scrolling creations.
    Character Customization: In Mega Man Universe, players will be able to assemble their own Mega Man by collection and putting togther various robot parts. Different ablities will be tied to different parts, allowing gamers the opportunity to create the Mega Man of their dreams.

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    锘縊ld lady protesting in front of 2400 College Ave
    I am glad however that she seems to be well enough to keep herself functional. she can obviously cook and clean and dress herself. So i not concerned for her well being. But definitely not 100% healthy mentally speaking. She does have schizophrenia, the story behind it is when her husband past away she wasn properly compensated for her husbands death because she was a women. Her memory is really the greatest anymore and her stories tend to change but she protesting for women rights. Her story is what started it but she now just there for the rights of ALL WOMEN not just herself. She an awesome lady with a huge heart, people just need to give her a chance and understand that in her mind everything she says makes sense.
    Honestly, the conversation was between her and I and an alternate version of her. She would answer a question and hen go off on a tangent for a solid 2 minutes and wind up way out in left field and then stop to scribble in her note book. She believes the police are spying on her and recording her at all times for the government. She is followed, and even at that moment they were watching us. She seemed worried for me. As if by speaking to her i had endangered myself. She is not well mentally.
    Yeah I spoke to her directly one day. I figured I been passing by her for the better number of 10 years I may as well say hello, I was curious what her case was. The first minute of conversation was a little odd. I not even sure if she reciprocated when I introduced myself so I still don know her name. But I was curious about her sign.
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    As far as vets, Central Veterinary is my favorite. They have taken amazing care of my pets (cat and dog) and have been more than helpful when dealing with my dogs epilepsy.
    锘縉YGyaru comments on Moving to Albany from across the country
    Hey there! I have loved in Albany for the past 8 years (geek it been that long). I own my own house now, but there are apartment complexes that I would 100% suggest. The New Eloise Apts on Western and South lake is one I loved when I was there (3 years). A little pricier, but they further downtown, so you can walk a lot of places really easily (h included). The Loudon Arms is on the boarder of Albany/Loudonville, they were great, nice area, more quiet due to their location. 3 yrs ago when I left there, rent was $845 for a 1 bedroom, but it includes h cable tv, and Internet. Then there is Stonehenge Gardens near Buckingham Pond. I have never lived here, but they are really close to where I live, and appear very well kept from the outside. This one is away from main roads, so it very quiet. Lastly I know New Eloise allows cats and dogs. Loudon Arms allows, at least cats, and I don know what Stonehenge Gardens allows.

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    Yes, I would have still married the same man. I met him when I was 23 and we married a year later. During our 20 year marriage we had two beautiful daughters whom I am very proud of. We split up 8 years ago when our marriage broke down and we went our separate ways. I loved him at the time and we were happy through most of our relationship.Seven years ago, I met my fiance and we have been together ever since. I love him deeply and know that he is my soul mate. I don regret marrying my husband because we were both in love at the time. I believe that we all have a path to follow and that there is a plan for everyone. I have to say that I haven been leaving the like I want to report a very long time because actually I madea couple of bad decisions when I was younger and now I kind of regret. I kind of feel like I should go back in time and fix the mistakes that I made.Unfortunately it is not that is my reality is really problematic because I am connected to a lot of people that I dislike. It a huge problem for me it very stressful sometimes. But I cannot just walk out of them. It wouldn be the right thing to do even if I don like them. If for no other reason (and there are plenty), I would not want to spend my life saddled with a gambling addict who wanted a slave, not a partner. He didn show all his true colors before we married, although there were flashes of them that I didn see plainly. And I was in circumstances where I felt like I didn have any choice except to marry him. The horrible mistake began dawning on me during the honeymoon.Almost 30 years on, I still wake up every day feeling grateful that divorce is legal and that I couldn be prevented from divorcing him. I learned from an old, mutual friend what financial disaster my ex gambling addiction has led to and that he still won acknowledge the addiction.There should be no shame in admitting you made a mistake in choosing a spouse. Yes! I would do it all over again! Plus, we had a super fun wedding! And he is super sexy, too!There was never a doubt in my mind, even at the age of 12, that he was the one for me. And after 17 years of marriage, we both feel extremely lucky to have found each other, and so quickly in life, too.We have experienced difficult life situations. There are two possibilities:Life challenges pull two people apart or Life challenges brings two people closer together.Every hurdle we have faced has brought us closer together. I been married several times, and each one turned out to be a total disaster. For some reason, I end up attracting men who are good at acting as though they are someone else, sometimes for years. Once we were married, everything changed. My last husband was an abusive psychopath, and I never would have suspected it at all! He went from being a sweet and caring person, which was obviously a great act, to being a controlling, obsessive, and abusive lunatic. I finally ended it when I couldn take it any more. I now suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, and every where I go, look over my shoulder. Now I live alone, and that ok with me!
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    I have heard lots of good things about hubpages although I have not yet joined them but they might be an option. I am also building on my own blog and website.
    Finally, if you can write fiction, take all of the above and fly with it. If you write romance or mystery or in a niche like for the ethnic, or LGBT or Young Adult, or Steampunk, etc. markets, you golden. Keep turning out a few quality titles a year they don have to be 100,000 words anymore and your work will be purchased and read for years to come. This site has had many “down” periods, and during those down periods I tend to focus my attention and energy on other sites, and the “other sites” I choose to spend time at seem to constantly change.
    What are some of the things you tried to make money online? I know that many of you here are on WebAnswers to make money, but what have you tried before. I am trying to become as active as I was when I joined last February, but I can seem to hit that form that I once had.
    Lather, rinse and repeat with the book writing. With non fiction, get to where you can produce a half dozen desirable books in a year. You build a sales funnel that will last a lifetime and not be subject to waiting for people to click an ad that might pay you a penny or two.
    What belongs to you will always belong to you and remains yours. I am sure you have heard of Bubblews and what is happening. I writing books now and selling them to the masses on Amazon and I getting paid in dollars instead of pennies.
    If you can answer questions intelligently here, you can write. Take your knowledge of your best subject(s) here and start a blog or blogs on those topics. Update them regularly and monetize them with AdSense and an Amazon affiliation. While you go about that, also go about researching publishing ebooks. There plenty of free info out there.
    So to that end, for me I will simply focus more energy and time providing content to another site, and it does not matter if it happens to be a question and answer site like this one, or something like a Bubblews or CGPGallery, or even Blogger for that matter. WebAnswers are still standing while Bubblews went downhill fast and it is no longer worth putting in any effort.
    Because all of these sites have good periods, and bad periods, or updates or other changes that either make it a lucrative place to write, or a poor place to write.
    I have been working on my own website, trying to get it to be consistently productive. So to answer your question: ” If Webanswers was to shut down” I would continue to work on my website to make money. It is a lot more tedious and time consuming but it has the ability to make me a lot more money and overtime it will be rewarding.
    I do however hope that WebAnswers will stay with us as I really do like the website, the concept and the community.
    锘縄f WebAnswers shuts down what website will you work on to make money online
    I am always on the lookout for new income streams online, so hopefully I can find something else that I might be interested in to supplement my earnings. I wish Webanswers all the best though and hope it remains sustainable, it is one of the best I seen and I know many people depend on it. To be honest, I have tried so many other content sharing sites on the internet but no any other site seem to be working for me the way Webanswers does and its for that same reason as to why ever since I joined, I have been participating and will continue to do so for as long as GOD wishes.
    On the other hand, when I compared those other sites I have tried with my own Blogs and sites, then of course, what I own takes the lead and which means that in any way, I would stick to my own site instead of spending my time on other sites and earning nothing at the end of the day.
    Once you have a decent amount of content on your blogs a good 10 posts or so to each, start taking some of that knowledge in one specific area and go more in depth with an eBook. Publish it for free, for sale on Amazon and/or whatever other platforms you desire (there are advantages to starting with Amazon only). Promote your more in depth book on your blog.

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