Evaluating Texans New QB Tom Savage on Film

NFL: Houston Texans-Rookie Minicamp
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

John Miceli (@JohnMiceli15)

This film is from 2013, when Pittsburgh played against Miami.  The video for this game can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDdA-Q-74eI

Play 1(A)

Part 1 (click picture to see closer)

Play 1(B)

Part Two (click picture to see closer)

Why this play was included

This play is a negative one for Tom Savage.  Savage appears to lock in on his receiver on this play, instead of looking for another receiver to develop his route further down the field.

Savage comes up to the line of scrimmage and takes a quick peak right, that can be noticed in a film session.  He then, takes the snap and rolls right in the designed role.  He looks far right, keys on him, and quickly throws a hitch route to him outside.

The inside guy, number 82, Manasseh Garner is open down the field.  He doesn’t get a look the entire play, but is open after he gets passed his defender, and is in the same vicinity as the hitch guy, just further down the field, a missed opportunity for Savage.

Play 2 (A)

Why this play was included

This is another problematic play for Savage.  This is a bit different however, and is a bit mechanical, and more of something that needs correction for his NFL game, not for what happened on this play specifically.

Savage never takes a step forward with his foot when he releases his throw.  He drops back and throws without ever taking any progressive move in the direction he’s aiming to put the ball.  Sometimes this is reasonable, but that reason would deal with pressure, and here, Savage has a nice pocket, with really absolutely no pressure coming his way.

While, he completes this pass, the issue still lies that in an NFL game, the defenders would pounce on this play quickly, unless the opposing Quarerback’s velocity is incredibly good.

Play 3 (A)

Why this play was included

The Pitt O-Line did a great job of keeping Savage on his feet early in this game, and they also made it possible for him to stand in the pocket for a while.

Here, he is rushed head on for the first time and he reacts nicely.  He gets the football off, and throws it over top of the defenders hand. Nice play under pressure by Savage.

Play 4 (A)

Part One

Play 4 (B)

Part Two

Why this play was included

Here, in the first picture, Tom Savage makes a nice read.  He realizes that the guys are guarded very well, and that he needed to look otherwise for an open man.  With the plethora of people around, he decides to look elsewhere instead of forcing something.

Picture two is a bit worse.  Savage rushed the throw a bit, and made a bad pass to the receiver.  He scrambled a bit and then threw, but never stopped, he threw it on the run. Basically, he felt as though he was pressured into making a decision, which is fine.  Savage made the wrong decision here, by throwing a bad pass to his receiver.

Play 5(A)

Why this play was included

I loved this play as an NFL type play.  Tom Savage will need to hit check downs a lot when he enters the NFL due to the talent of NFL corners.  This is one of the biggest plays, the Tight end short slant over the middle.

Savage has time in the pocket, he moves his body forward to propel the pass forward, and hits the Tight end quickly, despite the two defenders around him.  He also does it soon enough to allow for the Tight End to turn around, and get a few extra yards.

Part one

Part one

Part two

Part two

Why this play was included

This was an excellent play by Savage.  Savage here is facing pressure for the first time in a while.  He faces pressure from all angles and he figures out a way to escape the pressure, and get outside to make a play on the move.

Not only does he make a play, he makes a beautiful one.  He throws a beautiful back shoulder throw to allow the Receiver to turn around and catch the ball on the spin where the corner doesn’t have much of a chance to make a play.

Play 7(A)

Why this play was included

The Miami D-Line was coming at Savage at all angles.  Before this snapshot of the film, Savage had to escape pressure, and get out to a spot where he could make a play.  Not only, did he make a play, but he made a beautiful one.

Savage throws the ball leading the receiver, who is moving to the left, and with the corner guarding on the right.  With Savageleading him to the left, the corner loses ground and the receiver is able to make the catch and move down the field.


Savage played well in this game.  He made a few errors, especially with driving the ball, and not effectively using the pocket that he had on a lot of plays.

Savage made a lot of NFL plays both negative and positive.  He made a few negative plays, by not throwing the out routes very well, but he also made some excellent plays inside, and made powerful throws that will re occur when he comes to the NFL.

Sources: I Got this video, and the screenshots from Youtube, via Draftbreakdown by Aimal Arsalla via www.draftbreakdown.com

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I am the Founder of TopSportsReport. I am committed to making TSR a household name. I am also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

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