Breaking Down Every Dolphin’s Chance at Making the Final 53 Man Roster

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Each year some 90 something players get an invitation to knock their brains out for 6 weeks in order to fulfill their life’s dream to make an NFL roster. They come from all areas and walks of life to battle amongst each other for that chance. This year is no different. Miami has 30 rookies reporting, including their 7 recent draftees. What we’ll do here is go through what should be the most contested battles of camp, and the most interesting to watch. At this point it’s early to project the final 53, but I’ll give it a shot. We’ll start on the offensive side of the ball which should hold most of the real battles.

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About The Author

I've been a lifelong Dolphin fan. I held season tickets for over 30 years, including Marino's entire career. While I love the team, I'm not afraid to give an unbiased opinion on their performance. While my opinion might be different then yours, I respect your right to have one. I hope you'll give me the same in return. Fins Up!

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