3 Free Agent Quarterbacks the 49ers Could Still Target as a Back-Up

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The 49ers are coming into OTA’s with Josh Johnson and Blaine Gabbert backing up Colin Kaepernick.  While I do think Gabbert has reason to be on the roster, I do not think he is any more than a developmental guy, much like any rookie a team would bring in would be.

Most developmental guys that teams bring in, usually sit behind the starter and the second string, and find themselves with no shot at playing, and pretty much, are there to do no ore than learn.

Josh Johnson has shown repeatedly that he is not good at passing the football, and hasn’t fared too well in competition for back-up roles recently.

The 49ers need to bring in a viable back-up for Colin Kaepernick.  While he himself has not been injury prone, his playing style is that of an injury prone guy, and while I’m not saying he will get injured by any stretch, the chance still remains the same.  If Kaepernick were to get injured somehow, the 49ers season would be pretty much over with Gabbert taking over, but if they can get a respectable guy behind Kaepernick, they will be in much safer hands.

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