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When draft conversation comes into play the Rockets most likely won’t be at the top of your list. However the Rockets have shown to be good at grabbing late round talent. Just last year they grabbed Isaiah Canaan, most might not think highly of him now but once Jeremy Lin and the Rockets cut ties…. Well that could make for another article in itself. Don’t forget about the second round pick Chandler Parsons, he has come through big time for the Rockets and will continue to be a big help as seasons pass.

So obviously sitting at the 25th pick in the first round you won’t be expecting to hear the names you will be anticipating at the beginning of the draft, but you can most certainly expect some talent. In my latest mock draft I have the Rockets selecting T.J. Warren, who plays SF for the North Carolina State Wolfpack, that’s if he can slip his way through. He stands 6-8, 215 pounds and holds quite a bit of potential. He is just a sophomore and in his sophomore year he averaged 24.9 ppg with 7.1 rpg and 1.1 apg. He’s just a sophomore! One thing he does lack in his game is a consistent 3 point shot. But it has been proven that a 3 point game can be attained once in the league. Let’s just hope the bad shot selection doesn’t follow him from his college days.

Now of course this isn’t a for sure pick. T.J. Warren may not even be available once it’s the Rockets turn to pick, or the Rockets might just pass on him and watch him slip even further. Regardless of who is available the Rockets should go with a Small Forward, yes they have a great player in Chandler Parsons, the bench behind him is questionable however. Francisco Garcia is getting up there in age, and he just isn’t a huge contributor, an Omri Casspi isn’t really a go-to-guy. Now they also have Robert Covington and Jordan Hamilton who are both young players, but it’s time to load that bench with some more fire power. With a scorer like T.J. Warren coming off the bench, if he is coached right, could give the bench that spark.

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