NFL Chiggity: Episode 2 (NFC East)

Hello everyone! Me and 5 of my friends have had a group chat via iMessage for over 3 years now and its been one of the best ways to pass time. We named the chat “NFL Chiggity” for reasons I cannot explain but it rolled off the tongue so we went with it! Eventually, we decided with our love and knowledge for football, we should start a Podcast/Radio style talk show where the 5 of us (or how ever many are present for the podcast) just talk about football and topics around the league. We would love for you to listen to it and give us feedback! Also, you can follow us on Twitter where we update you on future uploads, make polls, or just talk about football. If you would like us to discuss a topic, just tweet us! We will try to fit it in the show. Thank you!

Twitter: @NFLChiggity

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