Knicks Talk: Ranking The Worst Knicks of All-Time

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All franchises have had revered players that have been honored in one way or another. Some had statues erected while others have had their numbers retired but what about the underachieving overpaid players no one wants to remember?

Unfortunately the Knicks have had too many of these players to name but a few have stood out as all-time disasters. Below we take a look at arguably the worse Knick players ever:

Shandon Anderson

Anderson was so bad as a Knick the team actually ate about 20M just to get rid of him. The problem was he was so grossly overpaid that his skill set could never justify the 42M contract he signed with the Rockets. While a timely hoop here and there was more than enough during his stint in Utah it wasn’t hardly enough in New York especially for a franchise recovering from the departure of Patrick Ewing.

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