No Dysfunction for the Golden State Warriors


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With just 11 games remaining in the regular season, you would think that there wouldn’t be any significant changes made to rosters or coaching staffs until the end of the season.  That’s not the case with the Golden State Warriors.

Coach Mark Jackson demoted one of his assistant coaches, Brian Scalabrine, to the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA Developmental League.  This was in the wake of the Warriors losing a home game to the San Antonio Spurs with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili inactive.

Golden State has been playing below their high preseason expectations.  The acquisition of Andre Iguodala was supposed to put the Warriors among the best in the Western Conference, yet the Warriors are currently the sixth seed in the playoffs as we approach the home stretch.

In the wake of the Scalabrine demotion, rumors have begun to run rampant that Coach Jackson wants out and he has tried to pursue other coaching jobs as well as having a feud with assistant coach Michael Malone last year.  Malone, Jackson’s top assistant, and Jackson apparently went weeks without speaking to each other and now Malone is the head coach for the Sacramento Kings.

The Warriors had their first team get-together since the Scalabrine demotion and everything looked business as usual.

When asked about the future of his coach, All-Star Stephen Curry told Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area that, ” “We’re two years removed from being a terrible basketball team.  The transformation we’ve had since coach Jackson has been here is obviously evident and it raises the expectations. Yeah, we’ve lost some winnable games and games we shouldn’t have along the way, but that’s part of the growth process. We’re on pace for the best season in 20 years. That’s a sign of good change.”

Curry wasn’t finished praising Jackson.

“I support coach 100 percent and understand what he’s done for us. Being in the locker room every single day and just observing from my rookie to year to now what has changed. Most of all of that is a result of him.  So what people say or criticism he takes, I know he takes it on the chin and keeps moving. It doesn’t waver his confidence at all. That’s what I admire most about him. We’re going to go out and continue to play hard for the rest of this season and into the playoffs, and kind of block that noise out. Because I know everybody in the locker room supports him 100 percent.”

Curry also said he would like to be consulted by the front office if they are considering firing Jackson.

The endorsement from the franchise player should boost support to keep Jackson despite the team’s overall struggles, but if the Warriors perform in the playoffs the way they have at times in the season, the calls for Jackson to go will only grow louder.

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