Another Astro in Cooperstown!

Courtesy of New York

The day Astros fans have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, the heartbeat of the Houston Astros for their entire careers, are now both hall of famers.In an announcement on January 18th, Jeff Bagwell, who was in his 7th year on the ballot, finally got the call of a lifetime to be a part of baseball history forever. He will join Craig Biggio, who was elected in 2015, as the only Astros players in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

There is no denying his Hall of Fame talent, he has the numbers to prove he was Cooperstown worthy (Thanks to the Hall of Fame for the following).

Four-time All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger Award-winner was unanimous choice for NL MVP Award in 1994, and finished in the Top 10 of NL MVP voting five other times. Added a Gold Glove Award at first base to his resume in 1994. The 1991 NL Rookie of the Year went on to lead the league in games played four times and runs scored three times. An Astro for all 15 seasons of his career, his 449 home runs are the most in franchise history.

It’s a shame that it took him 7 years to get in. Speculation of steroid use was the ridiculous reason. Unless you have substantial evidence that someone did juice during their career, then they deserve the honor if they have proven to be hall worthy. The court of public opinion doesn’t do it for me. Evidence does. It’s something the BBWA (Baseball Writers Association of America, who votes for Hall of Famers) should consider when voting.

But I digress, as a lifelong Astros fan, who lives and dies with every pitch, I couldn’t be more happy for them. These guys played the game the right way, represented Houston with class and dignity. They made Houston a true baseball town.

When Biggio got elected into the Hall of Fame, I ordered a jersey to show my Astros devotion and excitement to the world. When Bagwell got in, I ordered a jersey because I can now say I have the two first hall of Famers jerseys in my collection and I got to see them play during my lifetime.

Who knows, I may name my next dog after Bagwell or Biggio. That’ll be another 5 or 7 years from now though. 😉

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