5 Questions for Steelers Leadership

We want answers.


The Pittsburgh Steelers have long been known as a team with a fearsome defense.  This dates back to the famous “Steel Curtain” that featured Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, and Dwight White. Those days are a distant memory now.

In fact, even the days of Casey Hampton, James Harrison, and Troy Polamalu’s dominance are long gone.

Over the years, the Steelers defense has evolved as Mike Tomlin has had more of a direct influence on the team’s roster and as highly-touted protege Keith Butler has taken over.

The way they have managed this defense and the way they’ve developed it have been highly questionable.  Kevin Colbert deserves some questioning as well.  But to what extent parts of the leadership team should be blamed is not so clear.

This is where my questioning comes into play.  It is directed at the defense, and all of these questions should be underscored by the fact that this unit let up 45 points in a playoff game to a Jacksonville team highly touted for their defense, and mediocre on the offensive side of the football.

After a losing effort on their home field, Steelers fans deserve accountability and they deserve answers.

  1. Why have the Steelers routinely ignored addressing the secondary during the offseason free agency period?

  2. Who is to blame for the fact that the Steelers have drafted 4 cornerbacks with their last 9 picks on day one and two of the NFL draft?

  3. Who is to blame for the fact that the Steelers have drafted defensive players with 8 of their last 10 picks in their first two rounds and still haven’t been able to fix the defense?

  4. Along those lines, who is to blame for the fact that the last 5 first round draft selections have all been defensive players?

  5. Who/What is to blame for the limited amount of work the team has done in free agency to attempt to acquire talent on the defensive side of the football?

What do you think?

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